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Real Estate Development Consultants understands the complexities of the development process and strives to help our clients identify the most efficient and effective process for successfully accomplishing their development project and meeting or exceeding their goals.

Real Estate Development Consultants is available on a fee basis to assist in all aspects of a real estate development project from site selection, preliminary through complex due diligence, project team formation and control, entitlements, financing, and construction. We assist clients in clarifying their development goals and mapping out the best route to achieving those goals.


Real Estate Development Seminars conducts seminars on a variety of topics encountered in real estate development in order to equip others to navigate the development process for their own account or to add value to services they already offer.

As our mission statement says, we believe that maximization of individual return and benefit to our society and stewardship of the planet are not contradictory. Rather, through an accurate understanding of one’s objectives and goals and the efficient use of all resources – human, capital, land, time – all can benefit from a successful real estate development project.

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